Summer Soccer Camp for Kids

This is a special program for kids from 3 year and upward. This is a special program for skills development for the U8 and upward and is a program of more fun with the ball to the U4 and U6.
Lessons take place every Monday and Wednesday from the first week of July to the second week of August. This is a total of 6 weeks of soccer.

Practices are 1 hour with 30 minutes of game for the U8 and upward. For U4 and U6 practice will be just 1 hour.

The following lessons are developed for the camp:

Week 1: Ball Control / First Touch – emphasis will be placed on being able to control and trap the ball using both feet, chest, thigh, head and other parts of the body.

Week 2: Ball Skills
 (Fast Feet) – this application is to learn specific moves which enable you to maneuver better with the ball. The coaches will teach the fire dance, inside roll, outside roll, pull turn and other advanced maneuvers. When a student learns the fast feet skills, he/she is better adept at handling and controlling the ball. This builds confidence and self-esteem in playing the game of soccer.

Week 3: Ball Juggling – helps the student gain coordination and develops ball control. Many of our students are proud of their progress by increasing the number of times that they can juggle. We will encourage students to use both feet, thighs and head.

Week 4: Ball Passing & Shooting
 – will be taught using the inside and outside of both feet, one and two touch passing, and short & long passes. The technical and tactical skills will focus on passing to a player, passing in front of a player and moving into space to receive a pass. Shooting – the focus is to learn and develop the fundamentals of kicking such as a proper stance, planting of the foot, and follow through. Students will learn the art of shooting with both feet and being able to shoot accurately using the laces, inside and outside of both feet.

Week 5: Dribbling & Heading
 – will concentrate on being able to dribble using the inside and outside of both feet, in very tight situations, on long runs with the ball close to your feet, and while cutting in every direction possible.
Heading – students will learn to use the head properly and effectively to score goals, pass to teammates, or just to control the ball.

Week 6: Special Week with Invited Coach
 – An invited coach will be present at this last week of the camp to share his know-how and experience with the campers. His drills will mostly focus on skill development, team building, and small-sided games. Emphasis is also placed on enjoyment and appreciation of the game of soccer. This week’s activities will culminate with a World Cup on the final day.

Every kid registered for 6 weeks will receive the following:
Camp soccer ball
Camp t-shirt
Certificate will be given to those who have successfully completed all the lessons.

This program may be coupled to other sport programs to be announced.
Registration for this program starts in early May and ends in the last week of June. There is high demand for this program but spots are limited. Make sure you register in the first week of June to guarantee your spot.

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